Flatbed printer uv price (how much is the flatbed printer uv price)

Hello everyone, today the editor of SONPUU (https://www.sonpuu.com/) paid attention to an interesting topic, which is about the price of flatbed printer UV, so the editor of SONPUU compiled 3 related introductions to flatbed printer UV Let’s take a look at the answer to price.

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How much does a large, small or medium UV flatbed printer cost now?

How much does a UV flatbed printer (universal printer) cost?

How much does a uv printer cost?

●How much does a large, small or medium-sized UV flatbed printer cost now?

UV flatbed printer prices are generally divided into four ranges:

  1. Those below 100,000 are mostly civilian models, and those below 50,000 are modified or refurbished machines;
  2. 100,000-300,000, ordinary industrial type UV flatbed printer;
  3. High-end industrial UV flatbed printer priced at RMB 300,000-800,000;
  4. More than 1 million, the industry’s top uv flatbed printer.

Your question can be answered in the following 3 points:

UV printers print through piezoelectric inkjet nozzles and do not directly contact objects, so they can print on many materials. Different equipment is used for different materials. For example, glass can use thermal transfer equipment to print patterns, such as Only UV printers can print patterns directly on materials in this way.

The price of a UV printer is related to the core components of the equipment and has little to do with the size of the equipment, such as Epson nozzles, Toshiba nozzles, and Ricoh nozzles. The most expensive of these three types of printers is the Ricoh nozzle, which is an industrial machine. Ricoh small size printers are more expensive than Epson large size printers.

As for cutting, you can use a professional cutting machine or edge patrol machine.

Small ones are generally around 25,000 to 30,000

If it were smaller, it would be around 18,800

The price of uv flatbed printer is not only related to the size of the machine but also the nozzle. Take the Ricoh G5 nozzle machine as an example. The current 2513 model is about 160,000 yuan, and the larger 2513 is about 188,000 yuan.

Large ones generally cost more than 130,000, medium ones generally cost between 80,000 and 120,000, and small ones generally cost less than 80,000.

Flatbed printer uv price
Flatbed printer uv price

●How much does a UV flatbed printer (universal printer) cost?

The price of a UV flatbed printer (universal printer) is between 70,000 and 280,000. The specific price depends on the printer model, nozzle configuration and quantity.

The price of a UV flatbed printer currently ranges from 50,000 to 500,000 on the market. Of course, super large models with a higher price of more than 1 million are also common, but those are aimed at large factories and are not suitable for ordinary users. The equipment used by most small and medium-sized enterprises is between 50,000 and 250,000.

UV flatbed printer manufacturers have prices ranging from RMB 10,000 to RMB 160,000, which are mainly divided into four levels:

  1. Modified machine-level UV flatbed printers cost between 10,000 and 50,000, and most of them are modified with photo machines;
  2. Civilian-grade UV flatbed printers cost between RMB 50,000 and RMB 80,000, and most of them have Epson nozzles or Ricoh gh2220 nozzles;
  3. Semi-industrial level UV flatbed printers, priced between RMB 90,000 and RMB 160,000, most of which are mid to low-end industrial nozzles;
  4. Industrial-grade UV flatbed printers cost more than 160,000 yuan, and most of them are high-end industrial nozzles.

The price of a UV flatbed printer (universal printer) is probably more than 100,000.

Common models include 1610, 2513, 2030, etc. The nozzle options include Ricoh g5 nozzle, Ricoh g6 nozzle, etc.

UV flatbed printers (universal printers) are available in prices ranging from RMB 130,000 to RMB 500,000, and customized ones can reach RMB 800,000. It mainly depends on the printing format size of the equipment and the internal configuration. For example:

  1. 1610 size, printing format 1.6M*1.3M, equipped with 5 Seiko GS508 nozzles, 130,000;
  2. 2513 size, printing format 2.5M*1.3M, equipped with 5 Seiko GS1024 nozzles, 230,000;
  3. 2513 size, printing format 2.5M*1.3M, equipped with 14 Seiko GS508 nozzles, 500,000.

Wait, there are others with different sizes and nozzle configurations, and the prices are different.

●How much does a uv printer cost?

Abstract: UV printers can print a variety of materials and can also be customized, so they are widely used, especially in the commercial field. The prices of UV printers on the market are also uneven. Small UV printers can usually be purchased for a few thousand yuan, and commercial or Industrial UV printers generally start at 10,000 yuan, and can range from hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. They are mainly affected by factors such as nozzle, internal configuration, printing size, resolution, brand manufacturer, etc. When purchasing, pay attention to the brand and look Price, look at products, etc. Let’s take a look at the price and purchase of UV printers. 1. How much does a uv printer cost?

With the improvement of science and technology, traditional printing products can no longer meet people’s aesthetic needs. The advent of UV printers that can print various materials and achieve personalized printing has solved this problem. So how much does a UV printer cost? Woolen cloth?

There are many UV printer products on the market, but the prices are generally relatively expensive. The prices vary depending on factors such as brand, civilian or industrial use, nozzle material, resolution, actual printing format, model, etc. Generally, cheap small UV printers The printer may only cost a few thousand yuan. Ordinary civilian-level UV printers basically start at 10,000 yuan. Some UV printers with high resolution and good performance cost hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

●What are the factors that affect the price of UV flatbed machines?

UV printers are generally more expensive, and the price gap is relatively large. So what are the factors that affect the price of UV flatbed printers?

  1. Nozzle

The nozzle determines the production efficiency and machine stability of the UV printer, and is also the most prone to failure. The nozzles of UV printers mainly include Epson, Ricoh, Kyocera, Konica, etc.

  1. Internal configuration

The internal configuration of the UV printer reflects the technical strength of the product, mainly looking at the frame material design, guide rails, servo motors and curing lamps.

  1. Print size

There are many effective printing sizes for UV flatbed printers. In addition to some standard models, some non-standard models need to be customized, so the price will be more expensive.

  1. Brand manufacturer

Whether the manufacturer of UV printers has its own technology, production machines, and after-sales service quality will also affect the price of the product.

●How to choose a good uv flatbed printer

There are many different brands and models of UV printers on the market, and the price of the UV printer itself is relatively expensive, so you must be more careful when purchasing. When purchasing a UV flatbed printer, pay attention to:

  1. Choose a brand

It mainly depends on the strength of the brand manufacturer. You can learn more about the manufacturer’s technology, market reputation and other factors. If possible, you can ask consumers who have purchased it about their experience.

  1. Look at the price

The price gap of UV printers is large, and they are divided into several different grades. You can set a budget range according to your actual printing needs, and then choose products with high cost performance within the budget range.

  1. Look at the product

When purchasing a UV printer, you can contact the manufacturer to inquire. Some manufacturers will provide free proofing services. You can judge the quality of the UV printer by looking at the quality of the proofing.

At this point, the above is the SONPUU editor’s introduction to the issue of the UV price of flatbed printers. I hope that the three-point answer to the UV price of flatbed printers will be useful to everyone.

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