5060 uv inkjet printers 

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Product Introduction: Comprehensive, multifunctional printer, unlimited material, imported negative pressure dual nozzle, alloy adsorption platform, high-precision servo motor, high-definition printing without stripes and wire drawing.

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Machine Introduction

Applicable objects

The Sonpuu 5060 UV printer is suitable for printing on various materials

Simultaneous printing of white and colored oil

Using industrial grade x1600 nozzle, printing with white and colored oil simultaneously

Grayscale printing

Variable ink drop technology for more natural gradient transitions and more delicate colors

Intelligent ink supply system

The fully automatic negative pressure ink supply system ensures that no bubbles are generated during machine operation and continuous ink is applied

Non brushed, no pass, true photo quality

Printing ink

UV curing ink/textile ink (optional)

servo motor

High precision servo motor

Easy to operate

Easy to operate, printing the finished product in one go without the need for tedious operations such as plate making

Bao Jiao Bao Hui

After half a day of training, one can become proficient in the operation, including teaching and learning, on-site training, and video training.

Printable materials

The Sonpuu 5060 UV printer can print phone cases/leather/tiles/nameplates/acrylic/glass/wooden boards/PVC cards/cardboard/metal plates/printing examples PP/PE/fabric/cylindrical body/wine bottles/thermos cups/PTFE/packaging boxes/luggage/toys, etc

5060UV printer
5060 UV printer
5060UV printer
5060 UV printer
5060UV printer
5060 UV printer
5060UV printer
5060 UV printer
5060UV printer
5060 UV printer