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  • 2513-large format printer

    2513 large format uv printer


    Industrial grade flat panel UV printer, Ricoh G5/G6, white color oil, all steel nozzle structure that combines speed, accuracy, and long service life, making it have a lower maintenance frequency. The only drawback is that the price is relatively expensive. If you want to save trouble, you should choose it correctly

  • New 3050 Series UV Printer

    3050 A3 Inkjet uv Printers


    The new model of the 3050 series UV printer adopts a new concept, with a desktop UV curing machine that prints clearly and produces good results

  • 3060 crystal label UV printer

    3060 A3 Inkjet UV Printers


    Multi layer printing with bright colors and high firmness, using imported nozzles and micro controlled variable ink drop technology, printing is delicate, and on-demand printing saves costs.

  • uv dtf printer

    4060 Roll-flat integrated uv dtf printer


    Brand: Songpu Equipment model: 4060 Print size: 30*60cm Nozzle configuration: Epson micro-voltage nozzle Printing color: C cyan/M magenta/Y yellow/black/W white Printing height: 18cm (can be customized) Number of nozzles: 2 Printing technology: micro-voltage, on-demand inkjet, ink droplets as small as 3.5pl Equipment weight: about 90kg

  • 5040(single head) A2 Inkjet uv Printers

    5040(single head) A2 Inkjet uv Printers


    The use of multi-layer printing one-time molding technology enriches the printing effect (white ink, embossing) while increasing the appreciation value of the printed product, as well as enhancing its firmness, wear resistance, and waterproofing.

  • 5060 inkjet printers 

    5060 high-definition fast UV printer


    High definition and fast UV printer, with a wide range of materials for printing, imported negative pressure dual nozzles, and alloy adsorption platform, making printing more delicate, smooth, stable, and durable.

  • 5060UV printer

    5060 uv inkjet printers 


    Product Introduction: Comprehensive, multifunctional printer, unlimited material, imported negative pressure dual nozzle, alloy adsorption platform, high-precision servo motor, high-definition printing without stripes and wire drawing.

  • 6090 crystal label batch UV printer

    6090 crystal label batch UV printer


    Sonpuu 6090 crystal label batch UV printer with unlimited materials, suitable for various investments and startups

  • 6090 UV Printer

    6090 uv flatbed printer double head


    Three nozzles, white and glossy oil, with a maximum printing area of 60cm * 90cm and a maximum printing height of 20cm. It is small in size, fully functional, cost-effective, and has a high performance ratio. It is a fighter jet in small aircraft.

  • DTF Printer (three head)

    A3 uv dtf printer (three head)

  • uv dtf printer price

    A4 Mini UV Printer


    Product  name Digital UV printe model A4 Print High speed print head hed special Printing mode Full color on demand inkjet Platform alloy Printing speed 30 seconds/phone case resolving power mages withion 5760 DPI can be printde Print height 7cm Print  size 20*30cm Net weight 21kg Package size 61*55*44cm data   transfer USB operating system XP/Win7/8/10 Power 110-220V Height ajustment Automaticadjustment Ink supply mode Continuous ink supply Ink type UVink Packing weight 35kg Ink  color CMYK+W Printinstance It can be printed on wood,glass, crystal, PVC,ABS,acrylic, metal, plastic,stone,leather.cloth and other textiles

  • Assembly line uv printer

    CC vision positioning assembly line UV printer


    CC visual positioning assembly line UV printer is bringing revolutionary changes to the printing industry with its unique advantages.