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Are you looking to add a lighter uv printer or need to print on metal, plastic and glass lighters for your business? Check out the options below for UV printing directly on a variety of lighter materials.

There is no doubt that UV printer is the best way to decorate lighters. Whether it is single printing or batch printing, uv printers bring many benefits to printing lighters of various materials.

You can use our uv printer to freely print the text or pattern you want on the lighter. In addition, each of our uv printers is equipped with CMYK, white and varnish inks. This means beautiful prints can be achieved on the darkest materials.

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LIGHTER PRINTER|uv printer manufacturer |
LIGHTER PRINTER|uv printer manufacturer |
LIGHTER PRINTER|uv printer manufacturer |

What should you pay attention to when buying a lighter printer?

  1. Types of lighter printers: There are two types: inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers are suitable for home or small office use, while laser printers are suitable for large offices or places where high-quality printing is required.
  2. Printing speed and resolution: Printing speed and resolution are important indicators for choosing a lighter printer. Fast printing speed and high resolution can improve work efficiency and print quality.
  3. Printing cost: In addition to the cost of purchasing the lighter printer itself, you also need to consider the cost of ink or toner. Some lighter printers use lower-cost ink or toner, but the print quality may not be as good as other brands.
  4. Network connection and multi-function: If you need to share the lighter printer with multiple people or need to print over the network, you can choose a lighter printer with network connection function. In addition, choosing a lighter printer with multi-function can realize multiple functions such as printing, copying and scanning.
  5. Brand and after-sales service: Choosing a well-known brand of lighter printer can provide better quality assurance and after-sales service. Before purchasing, you can learn about the brand’s reputation and user reviews to make better choices.
  6. Availability of consumables and accessories: Make sure that the consumables and accessories for the selected lighter printer are easily available and reasonably priced. Supplies and accessories for some special models may be difficult to find or cost more.
  7. Meet needs and budget: Choose a suitable lighter printer based on your actual needs and budget. There’s no need to buy a lighter printer that’s too high-end or overloaded with features, and don’t compromise on quality for a lower price.

Manufacturer recommended models: 3050 4060 5060 6090



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