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If you’re looking for a sign printer or sign printer to enhance your business, take a look at the following options for UV printed signs.

UV printers provide the best printing option for signage. Not only can UV technology print on a wide range of materials, such as acrylic, metal, plastic, stainless steel, wood, etc., but it also provides creative freedom.

UV printers equipped with the CMYK+W+Varnish ink combination are capable of rendering the full color range on the darkest substrates. Need to color match? Need to display graphics or text on the tag? This can be achieved using a UV printer.

No matter your budget, there are UV printer options available covering a wide range of speeds and printable areas. Please fill out the form on this page to request a print sample or contact our printing experts to discuss the best UV tag printer options for your business.


When purchasing a hang tag UV printer, there are several considerations to consider:

  1. Printer type: Choose a UV printer suitable for hang tag printing. Verify that the printer has enough print area and the appropriate speed to meet your hang tag printing needs.
  2. Print quality: Check the resolution and print quality of the printer. Make sure your printer can deliver clear, detailed prints.
  3. Material compatibility: Make sure the printer is compatible with the materials used in the tags, such as paper, plastic, leather, etc. Some printers have wider material compatibility and can print on a variety of materials.
  4. Ease of operation: Choose a printer that is easy to operate and maintain. Make sure your staff can get started quickly and your printer is stable and durable.
  5. After-sales service and support: Choose a printer brand with good after-sales service and support. This will ensure that you can get timely help and solutions if you encounter problems during use.
  6. Budget considerations: Determine the appropriate printer selection based on your budget. Compare different brands and models of printers and choose the one with the best price/performance ratio.
    Before purchasing a hangtag UV printer, it is best to conduct market research, consult professionals, and request printing samples from suppliers for testing to ensure that the printer you choose can meet your hangtag printing needs.

Manufacturer recommended models: 4060 5060 6090



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