Is a small UV printer easy to use?

Hello everyone, today the editor of SONPUU ( paid attention to an interesting topic, which is the question of whether small uv printers are easy to use, so the editor of SONPUU compiled 3 related introductions to small uv printers. Let’s take a look at the answer to whether uv printers are easy to use.

●Is SONPUU’s small UV printer any good?

Small UV printers are widely used in the field of modern digital printing and have become one of the preferred devices for many manufacturers and self-employed individuals who mainly require small batches or personalized customization. Has the following characteristics:

Minimize production cycle and cost: Compared with traditional printing methods, the operation of small UV printers is more intuitive and simple, reducing the layout production workflow and common problems such as trace overlap, so it can produce complex structures more quickly and efficiently. Styling items or signage and advertising items.

Can complete seamless printing on a variety of printing media: the small UV printer uses linear digital technology and can be applied to a variety of different types of materials such as paper, plastic, aluminum plates, metal, cloth and leather, enhancing its artistic expression and adaptability .

Environmentally friendly advantages: During the printing process, small UV printers do not need to use solvent inks, but after curing, the ink can be UV-resistant, water-resistant, fancy slogan and wear-resistant, complying with international environmental protection regulations.

Improved accuracy and quality: Since the small UV printer can directly reproduce the pattern on the printing medium, the output quality is high, the color effect is good, and the clarity is high. Elements such as ink dot resolution, nozzle type, and process parameters can be customized through the printing software to ensure that the printing details and style of the target product achieve the best performance.

Adaptable to space miniaturization and mobility: As industry trends change, small UV printers already have the advantages of being easy to carry, simple to use, and having low operating barriers, which can help companies win a larger market share and enhance business competitiveness.

Personally, I feel that this brand of small UV printer is quite good. After all, the manufacturer is well-known and has been in the industry for many years. It has a good reputation in terms of production technology and quality. Baidu has a lot of information in this regard.

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●Why are small UV flatbed printers so popular?

There are three main reasons why small UV flatbed printers are so popular:

  1. Whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-color pattern or a pattern with excessive colors, it can be printed at one time without plate making, printing and repeated color registration;
  2. Special effect, 3D relief three-dimensional pattern can be printed on the surface of the material. The pattern can be customized by DIY without restrictions. Eight-color 2mm lines can be clearly printed;
  3. Small UV printers are cheaper than industrial machines and are suitable for entrepreneurs and users with low requirements.

It’s small, takes up no space, and is easy to transport!

In which industry are UV flatbed printers most popular? Currently, there are nine major industries summarized, such as:

  1. Decoration and upholstery industry;
  2. Glass industry;
  3. Furniture sliding door industry;
  4. Advertising industry;
  5. Packaging industry;
  6. Leather industry;
  7. Textile industry;
  8. Mobile digital industry;
  9. Handicraft industry.

When choosing a UV flatbed printer for printing in a certain field, you need to know in advance whether other supporting equipment and supporting processes are needed.

Small universal flatbed printers refer to universal flatbed printers with a printing size of 16001000mm and below. Compared with universal printers with a printing size of 25001300mm, their printing width is much smaller. Although the printing width of the small universal flatbed printer is much smaller, the accessories and functions are the same as the large universal flatbed printer. Therefore, the small universal flatbed printer verifies the saying that concentration is the essence.

In the current universal printer market, small universal flatbed printers are very popular and account for a considerable market share, mainly because small universal flatbed printers have the following characteristics and advantages:

  1. More market competitiveness. Because the price of a small universal flatbed printer is much cheaper than other universal printers.
  2. More suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Domestic enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized. The low price of small universal flatbed printers caters to the real needs of most enterprises and reduces the burden on enterprises.
  3. More suitable for early stage entrepreneurship. In the early stages of starting a business, most people are willing to try low-cost, low-risk industries, and the small universal flatbed printer is exactly in line with this principle. It has low investment, low risk, is suitable for many industries, and can take on various businesses to quickly recover costs.
  4. Able to print various small flat objects. The small universal flatbed printer can print color patterns on any flat material just like the large universal flatbed printer, but the printing format is smaller, the operation is simple, flexible, convenient, and the printing speed is fast.

Small universal flatbed printers have the advantages of low investment, high output, and wide application range, so they are becoming more and more popular in the market.

●Advantages and disadvantages of UV printers

Advantages of UV printers:

No water or sewage is used. The UV printer is controlled by a computer and sprays ink on demand. There is no waste or wastewater pollution. There is no noise during the printing process, achieving a pollution-free green production process.

UV printers meet people’s personalized needs to the greatest extent. Design samples can be modified arbitrarily on the computer. The effect on the computer is the effect of the finished product. Once the customer is satisfied, it can be produced directly.

In the past, a product took several days or even dozens of days from design, proofing to delivery, but with the application of UV printer technology, the finished product can be obtained in 2-5 minutes, and the production batch is not limited, truly realizing small batches, multiple varieties, and high efficiency. production process. The process is short, and the finished product is ready after printing, without the need for post-processing such as steaming or washing. It is highly flexible and can be printed in a short time after the customer selects the plan.

UV printing is rich in color. Whether it is full-color pattern or gradient color printing, it is easy to print, and it can fully achieve color photo-level effects. The pattern is fine, the layers are rich and clear, the artistry is high, and the three-dimensional effect is strong. White ink can be used to print patterns with relief effects, making the patterns lifelike. More importantly, the printing process is not troublesome at all. Just like a home printer, it can be formed in one go and can be printed and dried immediately, which is incomparable with ordinary production technology.

It helps companies save personnel expenses, automate printing, and reduce the number of personnel.

Disadvantages of UV printers:

The limitation of the printing range is that although patterns can be printed directly on hundreds of materials, in practical applications it is not suitable for printing patterns in terms of cost, adhesion, waterproofness, stretchability, etc. .

The failure rate is high, especially in civilian or low-end series. Basically, one repair is required every three days and one repair is performed every five days. The cheaper the equipment, the worse its stability.

The printing cost is high. Compared with the consumable costs of traditional silk screen printing and pad printing, the price of UV ink is higher.

Extended information

In the actual selection process, you should base on your own production volume and accepted costs, and then examine whether the local market accepts the UV printing process. Based on these, compare 4-6 manufacturers. After on-site inspection, you can basically Decide which manufacturer of uv printer to choose. More should be based on the needs of its own materials. Each printing equipment has its own printing areas that it is good at, and the choice should be made according to local conditions.

At this point, the above is the SONPUU editor’s introduction to the question of whether a small uv printer is easy to use. I hope that the 3-point answer to the question of whether a small uv printer is easy to use will be useful to everyone.

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