UV printer xy axis calibration

With the continuous development of digital printing technology, UV printers have become one of the important equipment in the field of digital printing. However, in the process of using UV printers, we sometimes encounter the problem of inaccurate position of the output image during printing, which is often caused by incorrect calibration of the XY axis of the UV printer. Therefore, this article will mainly introduce the methods and steps of UV printer XY axis calibration.

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1、 What is UV printer XY axis calibration?

UV printer XY axis calibration refers to adjusting the position of the UV printer’s XY axis to ensure the accurate position of the output image during printing. When using a UV printer, various factors such as machine transportation, non-standard installation, and improper use can lead to inaccurate positioning of the XY axis of the UV printer, affecting the quality of the printed image.

2、 Steps for UV printer XY axis calibration


Firstly, you need to prepare a piece of white paper, and then place it on the workbench of the UV printer. Place the printer’s nozzle in the center of the paper.

Entering calibration mode

Turn on the power switch of the UV printer, then press the “Menu” button on the printer panel to enter the printer settings menu. Select the “Calibration” option in the menu, then select the “XY Calibration” option to enter the XY axis calibration mode of the UV printer.

Calibration process

After entering calibration mode, the UV printer will automatically start XY axis calibration. During the calibration process, the UV printer will output a set of coordinate values and then require the operator to move the nozzle to the corresponding position as required. The operator needs to move the nozzle to the correct position and then press the “Enter” key to confirm. During the calibration process, it is necessary to follow the prompts to complete all calibration steps to ensure that the XY axis position is adjusted to the optimal state.

Complete calibration

When the UV printer completes all calibration steps, it will automatically save the calibration results and exit the calibration mode. At this point, the operator needs to restart the printer and conduct testing to ensure that the output image position is accurate and correct.

3、 Summary

UV printer XY axis calibration is an important step in ensuring the quality of UV printer output images. In practical operation, we need to follow the above steps to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the calibration process. At the same time, we also need to conduct regular calibration to maintain the optimal working state of the UV printer.

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