UV printer’s white ink is old and broken

UV printers are one of the important equipment for modern digital printing, but they may encounter some problems during use, such as the phenomenon of old and broken white ink. The occurrence of this problem can affect the printing effect and even result in the inability to use the printer normally. This article will introduce the reasons and solutions for the old and broken white ink in UV printers.

UV printer’s white ink is old and broken|uv printer manufacturer |
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White ink aging

UV white ink is a special type of ink with high viscosity and viscosity, which can easily cause blockage inside the nozzle, resulting in poor ink spraying or the nozzle not working properly. White ink aging refers to the gradual drying of white ink inside the nozzle after prolonged use, leading to blockage and nozzle failure.

Solution: Regularly clean the nozzle and ink path to keep the nozzle clean and unobstructed.

Ink aging

The ink used in UV printers has a certain shelf life, and prolonged use or improper storage can lead to ink aging, leading to issues such as nozzle blockage or unstable inkjet.

Solution: Replace or supplement new ink in a timely manner, and avoid using expired or aged ink.

Damaged nozzle

The nozzle of a UV printer is a very precise component, and prolonged use or improper maintenance can lead to damage to the nozzle, resulting in unstable inkjet or clogging of the nozzle.

Solution: Regularly inspect and replace the nozzle to maintain its good condition.

Ink blockage

The ink path of UV printers is very complex, including multiple components such as ink tubes, ink pumps, and ink nozzles. Long periods of non use or improper use of ink can lead to clogging of the ink path, resulting in unstable inkjet or clogged nozzles.

Solution: Regularly clean the ink path to keep it smooth.

In short, the old and broken white ink of UV printers is a common problem, but as long as daily maintenance and upkeep are paid attention to, and ink and nozzle components are replaced in a timely manner, these problems can be effectively avoided. If you encounter the problem of old and broken white ink, you can follow the above solution or contact professional maintenance personnel for repair.

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